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  For the expansion of Management Building 1, top architects and designers gathered at NYCU, and developed a Harvard-style “LiteOn Hall” that has a high-ceiling lobby, a light and water world using high technology overlooking at the Chu Lake, and guides elites from around Taiwan to settle in sharing their successful business management knowledge.

  Harvard-style “LiteOn Hall” was finished in 2010.  Its customized spatial planning shortens the distance between students.  Rich feelings of leaders from various fields are gathered, and then the actual experiences from all successful business cases are condensed.  As per requirements of the classes, and then adjusted through ever-changing phases in real practices, three-people teams in classes are formed and then simulate the decision games that happen in actual market competition.  After escaping the rigid thinking, knowledge network evolves like the star map, and then offers experience sharing.  A single point of starlight, after the linking of the cluster, can form a dazzling starfield in the Greater China business territory.

  In this classroom, all EMBA faculty members reach into Greater China, Americas, Europe, and carefully select cases to study and exchange according to the needs of businesses. This not only leads everyone into the thinking of businesses and customers, but also asks everyone to be side by side linking the priceless friendship.
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Management Building 1 has an appropriate customized configuration.  Facing Chu Lake, the whole space further displays a sense of glory.

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Donated by LiteOn Technology, the Harvard-style lecture hall offers top equipments and technology.