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Class time

  Core courses are arranged in the first two years, whole day on Saturdays and Sundays (every other week).
Elective courses may be from Monday through Sunday evenings or afternoons.  Available to be selected fitting your interests in every graduate institutes at school. 

Class location

  EMBA program core course locations are in Kuang-Fu of Hsinchu and Bei-Men of Taipei campuses.
Electives are specified by the respective graduate institutes.  Up to half of the credits can be obtained in Taipei. 

Credits needed for graduation

  Mandatory core courses 30 credits, plus electives from graduate institutes (including 3 credits of master’s thesis) 12 credits, for a total of 42 credits.

Core courses availability
Available time Course Name Location
Fall semester of 1st year 1.Accounting for Executives Hsinchu
2.Business Model in Excellence Hsinchu
Spring semester of 1st year 3.Financial Strategy and Management Hsinchu
4.Organization and Human Resource Management Taipei
The summer of 1st year 5.Marketing strategy and management Hsinchu
6.Global Economic Prospects Taipei
Fall semester of 2nd year
(Select one from 8-1. or 8-2.)
7.Strategic Management Hsinchu
8-1.Supply Chain Strategy and Management Hsinchu
8-2.Investment and Venture Analysis of High Tech Industry Taipei
Spring semester of 2nd year
(Select one from 10-1. or 10-2.)
9.Seminar on Information and Management Hsinchu
10-1.Biomedical Design Innovation Hsinchu
10-2.Corporate Governance Taipei

Electives available the past few years
  Student can select electives offered by graduate institutes at College of Management, NYCU. Electives offered by EMBA are shown below,
Course Instructors
Berkeley Summer EMBA Intensive Case Studies Attend classes at UC Berkeley
Seminar on Management of Chinese Enterprises Attend classes at Beijing
Taiwan Japan Management seminar Shih‑Ping Huang, Hui-Min Chung, Chia-Chi Chang, Yeou-Guang Tsay, Hsin-Cheng Liu
Introduction to strategic carbon management I & II Shihping Kevin Huang, Hui-Min Chung, Lai-Ju Chen, Chia-Chi Chang, Chun-Cheng Lin, Anthony Kuo, Alex YiHou Huang
Special Topics on Business Law Chih-Chieh Lin, Yu-Fan Chiu
Habitual Domains and Innovative Decision Making Hung-Shun Huang
Making Why diversity, inclusion, and equity matter to your board - talents training and education Chih-Chieh Lin, Hui-Min Chung, Chia-Chi Chang, Shu-Sheng, Pu
Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence Szu-Hao Huang, Tian-Shyr Dai
Communication leadership and the management of healthcare industry Kuo-Cheng Lin, Shun-Hwa Wei, Hsin-Cheng Liu, Chia-Chi Chang, Hui-Min Chung
Physical fitness management and potential business opportunities Chung-Chiang Chen, Chia-Chi Chang
Bio-Medical Industry Forum Hui-Min Chung
The Environment and Practice of Investment Laws in China Wen-Chieh Wang
Management Studies in Healthcare Industry Hui-Min Chung, Hung-Lin Fu
Service Innovation Muh-Cherng Wu, Ming-Jong Yao, Chung-Fong Huang
Entrepreneurship and Business Model Case Study Hui-Min Chung
Organization Management and Case Studies William Jen
New Venture Development Management Chi-Jen Chou, Edwin Tang, etc., for a total of 6 professors
Health management Hai-Tong Pang
Senior management’s outlook on life Chyan Yang
International business operation and strategy Stan Shih
International business management seminar Po-Young Chu
Operation management seminar Morris Chang