Enrollment Schedule of Fall 2024

  • 2023-09-01
  • Hsi-Yu Wang
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA)
2024 Admissions Information

Admissions Seminar:
2023/9/16 (Sat) 10.30 am
B1 Auditorium, College of Management Building 1, NYCU Guangfu Campus
(No. 1001, University Rd., Hsinchu City)
2023/9/16 (Sat) 15.00 pm
Floor 5, 501 Conference Room, Howard Prince Hotel
(No.129, Anhe Rd., Situn Dist., Taichung City) 
2023/9/17 (Sun) 10.30 pm
Floor 4, EMBA Classroom, NYCU Beimen Campus
(No.118, Zhongxiao West Rd. Section 1, Taipei City)
Tao yuan
2023/9/17 (Sun) 15.00 pm
Floor 3, Diamond Hall (M3), Monarch Plaza Hotel
(No.300, Sec. 1, Zhuangjing Rd., Taoyuan City) 

Brochure download:  https://exam.nycu.edu.tw/mas-emba.php

Enrollment: 62

First test: Verification of documents (50%)
Second test: Oral examination (50%)

Registration Date: 2023/10 
Online Registration: (Opening Soon)

First Test Qualified List: 2023/11
Oral Test: 2023/12
Results Announcement: 2023/12

Registration and submission of documents:
  1. One registration form. 
  2. A photocopy of your certificate of service【as proof of service or employment termination certificate or a statement of insurance salary data from the Bureau of Labor Insurance. After admission is completed, originals will need to be presented for verification】.
  3. A photocopy of Military Service Retirement Certificate (length of service including service seniority).
  4. Work experience. 
  5. Photocopy of degree certificate (those already with a master’s degree or higher, please provide a copy of your bachelor’s degree certificate, including the above-mentioned ones). 
  6. Two letters of recommendation.
  7. Candidates study plan.
  8. Two pages of specific report on personal management capabilities (in a customized format, the direction plan of the report’s subject being: contribution to the company’s potential, sharing of expertise, special talent and training, management literature reading experience or other resources highlighting the theme of personal business management ability).
  9. Other relevant information (such as autobiography, personal writings, research reports, various honors to prove the learning potential and professional achievements, and documents related to special performances).
  10. Candidates eligible to apply for registration as per Article 12, please attach  relevant documents to prove your international award winning, public service activities and other personal outstanding performances.
  11. Attach a photocopy of proof of English proficiency test scores, such as GEPT intermediate level, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge Certificate, GRE. Extra points will be awarded during the review for those with outstanding scores.
Entry Requirements :

Any candidate with any one of the following qualifications may apply:
  1. University graduate with a bachelor's degree and seven years of work experience.
  2. Medical University graduate with a bachelor's degree and five years of work experience. 
  3. University graduate with a master's degree and five years of work experience.
  4. Ph.D. graduate with three years of work experience.
  5. University graduate with equivalent degree and seven years of work experience .
  6. Junior College graduate for 2 years or more with nine years of work experience.
  7. Junior College graduate for 3 years or more with ten years of work experience.
  8. Senior Level Examination or equivalent or Special Examination and with seven years of work experience.
  9. Level A Technician with full three years work experience in the trade and a total of ten years work experience. 
  10. Level B Technician (Occupational class skill test where Level B is the highest level) with full five years work experience in the trade and a total of twelve years work experience. 
  11. Had worked in the university as professional and technical personnel, had worked in professional and technical schools as teachers or had worked in vocational schools with seven years of work experience. (This category of candidates is subject to consideration by the University Admissions Committee for equivalency). 
  12. Candidates with outstanding professional achievements in their personal career or in public service activities, with specific deeds or recognition awards and with twenty years of work experience. (This category of candidates is subject to consideration by the University Admissions Committee for equivalency. After admission , candidates must participate in curriculum counseling courses as the case may be). 
  If one is still in employment, time of service can be calculated till September 30th, 2023, and for male candidates military service period can also be included in the calculation.
  Candidates falling under Articles 1-10 must have at least one year of work experience (excluding military service period) after bachelor’s degree graduation (or master's degree or equivalent).
<This information is for reference only, the official data will be announced by the University Admission Committee>