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A Word from EMBA Chief Executive

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Immerse Yourself in the Depth and Breadth of Knowledge

    As the Executive Officer of EMBA Program at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, I shoulder the responsibility for the glory of NYCU’s EMBA Program. The EMBA Program has many advantages. To help you understand why the EMBA Program is a right choice for you, I offer you answers to the frequently asked questions below:

Q1: In the information age, there is a lot of management knowledge on the Internet. Why should I spend a lot of money, energy, and time earning a master's degree in business management? 

    In the age full of all kinds of information on the Internet, time is the most precious resource for business executives. It is important to study in a systematical and disciplined manner. NYCU’s EMBA Program offers the depth and breadth of knowledge. Our teachers are the best of the best in their specialties and always provide students management knowledge that keeps pace with the times. We also invite masters in the industry, government, and academia to develop management knowledge tailored to students’ needs; in addition, we have made great progress towards courses on biomedical technology management in cooperation with NYMU’s EMBA Program.

Q2: Many schools have EMBA programs. Why should I choose NYCU for further studies?

    NYCU’s EMBA Program always focuses on the balance of theory and practice. With our professional teachers and masters in the industry, government, and academia, we are able to provide students pragmatic perspectives different from other schools. To apply management knowledge, we have especially designed a course called “Business Model in Excellence” to encourage EMBA students to propose a feasible business model after learning a certain amount of management knowledge. A business model will be modified and refined based on multiple reviews before it is applied in the real world. Regardless of a large number of applicants, NYCU’s EMBA Program insists on offering small-group courses, which is different from the practice of many schools. on one hand, we make sure that accepted students are the best of the best in their specialties; on the other hand, group learning allows students to learn from each other in multiple domains and create many business possibilities; in addition, we often design experience-based courses to allow students to learn quickly from hands-on practice. This is why NYCU’s EMBA Program can never be replaced by management websites or books and magazines.

Q3: In an ever-changing era, is it possible that up-to-date management knowledge I have acquired will no longer be enough after I graduate?

    Yes, it is. The standards for daily egg consumption have changed with the times, let alone ever-changing international economies and business trends. This is why you need EMBA because your teachers and classmates will be your lifelong assets. With 15 years of service at NYCU, I can particularly feel the culture of unity and mutual assistance that NYCU emphasizes. The spirit of “once from NYCU, always from NYCU” has always been on my mind. It can also be reflected by the revolutionary feelings formed through curricular design; that is, NYCU’s EMBA Program is where you can find mentors who will support you throughout your life.

Q4: In addition to tailored management knowledge and a solid friendship, what other added values can NYCU offer?

    My motto is that life is a process of creation. Based on my observation, NYCU’s EMBA Program is like a wishing pool, and you get what you want out of it. Some people lost a dozen kilos in few months after partaking in the EMBA Program; some people started a business before graduating and were rewarded by capitalists from the Silicon Valley; some people got promoted after graduation, while some people switched to other classmates’ companies before graduating. Before you graduate, you don't know what you will get. Are you ready to take your own journey? Apply for NYCU’s EMBA Program now. Remember, what happens @NYCU, stays @NYCU. Join us and define your own way to success!
Executive Officer of EMBA Professor
Chia-Chi Chang